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Integrated Respiratory Work Station is customized to save more lives in the global outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic.

Integrated Respiratory Work Station
Treatment Ventilator 
CE marked

Intended for:
Adult & Child (above 3.5Kg)

-Sub-acute Care Unit 
-Emergency Department

Proximal Flow Sensor

1.Exactly tidal volume control
2.Flow trigger & Pressure trigger
3.Expiratory tidal volume
Pressure Control Mode
Allow for non-invasive ventilation
Leads to a better patient outcome for certain clinical conditions.
1. CE marked emergency transport ventilator in China
2. Nominated as the sole emergency ventilator in 2008 Beijing Olympic Games
3. Operational in over 120 countries all over the world
Parameter Settings
Tidal volume (Vt) 0-2000 mL Flow trigger 2-30 L/min
Pinsp 5-50 cmH2O Frequency (f) 1-120 bpm (A/C)
Psupp 0-50 cmH2O I:E ratio 4:1-1:10
CPAP (NIV) 0-30 cmH2O Tpause 0-5 s
PEEP 0-30 cmH2O FiO2 40-100 %
Pressure trigger -20-0 cmH2O Inspiration flow Max. 90 L/min
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