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Slim Freeze Fat Reduction Vacuum Rf Lipolaser Fat Removal Machine BMS01

Work handle: cavitation rf laser in one
Function: weight loss, fat reduction, skin firming
Certificate: CE
  • BMS01
  • Beautitown

fat freezing Fat Removal Machine

Slim freeze fat reduction vacuum rf lipolaser fat removal machine adopts the combination of cooling technology, laser lipolysis, cavitation and rf technology.


The unique super multiple slimming platform in China integrated cryo, cavi, rf and lipolysis four technology together. 

Every technology inside has separated systems. Buy one, equals to four systems.

It has one cryo handpiece, one cavitation tip, one rf heads (Multi-polar ) and six lipolysis pads.

fat freezing Fat Removal Machine

fat freezing Fat Removal Machine

 Function of slim freeze fat reduction machine:

1. body shaping, weight loss, cellulite reduction,skiin tighten

2. Losing weight of the whole body

3. Replacing and surmounting the surgery of attracting the fat

4. Tightening the flaccid skin

5. Promoting the speed of organism metabolism and accelerating the waste and the moisture extraction of the body

6. Repairing striae gravidarum

7. Relax the muscles; relieve the muscle spasm and alleviating the ache symptom of muscles

fat freezing Fat Removal Machine

Color Led lights are integrated with Galvanic currents to improve blood flow and cell metabolism, giving enhanced results and stimulating the formation of collagen.


Cryolipolysis technology uses controlled cooling to freeze and eliminate unwanted fat cells without surgery or downtime. The procedure is safe and effective. The results are undeniable. Eliminate stubborn fat that resists all efforts through diet and exercise. The results are proven, and noticeable.

Cavitation, direct into the fatty layer, speedily vibrate deep-seated cellulite, produce numberless vacuum cavitation, mightily strike the fatty cells, let them produce inner cracking, and dissolve to be the free fatty acid.

Multi-polar RF uses proprietary technology to create a highly efficient and tightly woven energy matrix.this dense energy matrix penetrates multiple layers of the dermis heating it from the inside out. Complete skin penetration ensures exponentially improved clinical efficacy and products clearly visible results


Lipo laser utilizes the latest low level/cold laser technology to reduce girth and spot fat over almost all areas of the body without surgery, downtime or redness. A typical 40-minute waistline treatment can reduce an individual by ½ to ¾ of an inch while a full protocol of eight treatments usually results in multiple inch loss.

freeze fat machine machine

freeze fat slimming machine

fat freezing slimming machine


fat freezing machine service

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