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Shockwave Therapy Machine Relief your Pain

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Shockwave Therapy Machine -sw9 Relief your Pain


With the rapid development of society, more and more people are suffering from chronic pain and even seriously affecting normal life. So there are various machines to relieve pain, but the most effective is still Shockwave therapy machine.


Shockwave therapy machine also named Extracorporeal shockwaves (ESW), different from other other acoustic waves, the shockwave is at a lower frequency but very effective for pain relief.

 Shockwave therapy machine SW9

In beautitown, you can find four models shockwave therapy machine, from SW8 to SW11. These four models can be divided into two different working theory: Pneumatic shockwave and Electromagnetic shockwave. Although they are the different working theory, all of them has the very good result for pain relief.


To use the shockwave therapy machine correctly, pls note below forbidden group:

 Shockwave therapy machine SW9 diaplay


Lungs, Eyes, Brain, Major blood vessels, Major nerves, Open wounds/ post-surgical wounds with or without stabilization. Implanted devices or hormones, Epiphysis.



Genitals, Pregnancy, Clotting disorders/anti-coagulants, Joint replacements, Infection, Cancer, Corticosteroid injection.


Any interests in the shockwave therapy machine, pls contact beautitown freely.

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