Professional Opt Laser Hair Removal Machine for Salon BM14-OPT

Application: hair removal, skin rejuvenaiton
Service: OEM,ODM
Warranty: 5 years
  • BM14-OPT
  • Beautitown

opt laser hair removal machine

OPT high frequency treatment can be used for permanent hair removal along with the removal of all sorts of flaws on your skin. By using the theory of the selective absorption, the temperature rise rapidly to weaken and eventually dissolve the hair within the follicle. OPT is multi-functional for breaking down darkened rough skin and imperfections, solving the problem of whole body to skin rejuvenation.

opt laser hair removal machine treatment feature

Convenience for customers:

 a. User friendly software means that operator error is drastically reduced

 b. internal modular design, easy installation and maintenance

 c. multi-software languages, easy your operations

 d. 10.4”color touch LCD screen, all parameters setup can be finished easily here

opt laser hair removal machine treatment

opt laser hair removal machine before and after

OPT hair removal machine application:

Hair removal, skin rejuvenation, wrinkle removal, skin tightening, pigment therapy, vascular therapy, breast liftup assistant, tattoo removal

opt laser hair removal machine work handleopt laser hair removal machine display

Technical Parameters:

Model number




Spot size


Lamp shots



Skin rejuvenation and hair removal

Cooling System

Air cooling+water circulation cooling+semiconductor cooling

Input power

AC 220V(110V)/15A 50HZ(60HZ)


3 years

opt laser hair removal machine display

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