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professional led light therapy machine for beauty care

  • FM9
  • Beautitown


Beautitown FM10 professional led light therapy machine is composed of 287 special medical SLD Red (640nm), Blue (423nm), Green (532nm), Yellow (583nm) LED, which is a medical irradiation of four different wavelengths.  LED light LLLT PDT light therapy facilitates healing, pain reduction has shown to treat acne conditions. LED Light is excellent and powerful high-brightness with the special medical LED appears a strong effect on the skin, the ideal treatment also reduced the risk of skin care equipment such as heat damage or photo-aging, the wound can be seen in the laser treatment, it consists of four wavelength bands, as well as wound healing, treatment of acne , hair growth, the treatment of various skin diseases such as multiple fields available.  


Pdt led therapy machine advantage:

- Anti ageing stimulates collagen and elastin, lifting and hydrating your skin.

- Treats broken capillaries and rosacea.

- Excellent treatment for Acne.

- Reduces crows feet and works against wrinkles.

- Totally non invasive and quick recovery.



FM10 led light therapy machine features:

- Easy to operate with full touch screen

- Smart design for salon and beauty use

- Non invasive treatment and totally safe


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