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Portable Ipl Laser Hair Removal Machine for Sale BM12-IPL

Functions: hair remoal, skin rejuvenation
Skin color options:white,brown,black
Service: OEM, ODM
Certification: CE
  • BM12-IPL
  • Beautitown

ipl laser hair removal machine

ipl laser hair removal machine treatment feature

IPL photofacial is a laser treatment which is used for permanent hair removal and wrinkle removals, freckles and aging. The IPL is different with other lasers as it can be used on different wavelengths unlike other laser which work on single wavelengths. The light energy which is targeted changed into heat energy. IPL is a non-invasive treatment which is used all around the globe. The intense pulse light targets the lower layer for the skin without targeting or affecting the upper area of the skin. IPL is mainly use d for permanent Hair Removal.

ipl laser hair removal machine treatment

This ipl photofacial equipment is special suitable for: 

-Skin care and rejuvenation

-Painless hair removal 

-Blood vessels removal 

-Epidermal pigmentation dispelling

-Spots and freckle dispelling

-Acne scar treatment ipl laser hair removal machine before and after

ipl laser hair removal machine work handle

Advantage of ipl photofacial equipment:

※ Sapphire advantages: high density, high thermal conductivity, high transmittance low loss in the process of optical transmission, external eage protection for more safe treatment

※ Internal lamp is imported from UK, with long working life, can reach to 400, 000 shots

530nm - 950nm:

Pigmentation therapy

560nm - 950nm:

Skin rejuvenation(whitening tender)

590nm - 950nm:

Vascular therapy

640nm - 950nm:

Hair removal (Asian)

690nm - 950nm:

Hair removal(brown hair)

750nm - 950nm:

Hair removal(Curly)  Varicose veins treatment

ipl laser hair removal machine display

Specification of ipl photofacial:

Display Screen 8.4’’ FTF true color touch screen
Output power 1500W,largest power source component
Handles IPL
Energy 0-50J/cm2
Skin Color Options white,brown,black
Spot Size 8*40mm
Cooling System Air cooling+water circulation cooling+semiconductor cooling
Packing Thick sponge+aluminum alloy box
Voltage 110V or 220V

ipl laser hair removal machine display