Portable Cryolipolysis Fat Freeze Machine Price

Keyword: portable cryolipolysis
Function: weight loss, fat reduction
Work handle: 100, 150, 200 are available
Certificate: CE

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portable fat freeze machine

How does portable cryolipolysis machine work?

Fat cells are naturally more vulnerable to the effects of cooling than skin and other surrounding tissues. A vacuum-assisted handpiece draws in the fat area between two cooling plates. Fat cells can be safely eliminated without harming the skin. The cryolipolysis controlled cooling causes crystallization of the lipids in the fat cells, leading to damage to the cells and gradual, safe elimination by the body’s normal metabolic processes.

portable fat freeze machine

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portable fat freeze machine principle

Portable cryolipolysis machine through cooling technology, triglyceride in fats will be converted into solid in particular low temperature. Fat cells premature aging and death.Through the normal metabolic processes to decrease the fat layer and achieve the purpose of partially melting.

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Hot Sale available 3 handpiece portable cryolipolysis machine,lowest temperature to -9,with 3 interchangeable cryo heads for local fat burning and body contouring.

1.new model--portable model;

2.single handpiece with real cryolipolysis/freezing fat function;

3.25% fat reduction with one time treatment;

4.interchangeable cryo handles,small head,middle head and big head.

Big handle: treat area---for belly, back, buttock etc.

Middle handle: treat area--- for waist,  thigh, etc

Small handle treat area---for thigh, arm,  crus etc.

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The advantage and benefit from cryolipolysis technology

Benefit, Does not harm normal cells

Caution, You must accurately control the position to break down fat and swelling may occur after the treatment

1. Hot spot of non-surgical medical cosmetic technologies.

2. More advanced than liposuction

3. Most popular way to lose weight in European and U.S

4.Can destroy 26 % fat in the treatment area.

5. Better than RF and ultrasound fat dissolving technology

6. Non-invasive way to eliminate fat in waist, back and cellulite selectivity.

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portable fat freeze machine

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