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Portable 980nm diode laser vascular removal machine

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980nm diode laser vascular removal machine

Signs of red blood on the face not only affect our appearance, but also have an impact on health. Therefore, there is a red blood phenomenon, everyone must be treated in time. You can use laser to remove red blood to improve, so let's take a look at what advantages it has.

 vascular removal machine effect

1, thoroughly. The pulsed dye laser can penetrate deep into the vascular tissue of the skin, causing the laser beam to be absorbed by hemoglobin, allowing the hemoglobin to coagulate and allowing the vascular tissue to be closed, achieving the perfect effect of completely removing the red blood.


2, no pain. The pulse dye laser has a cooling treatment technology, which can ensure the cooling of the epidermis during treatment, reduce the pain of treatment, and the pre-operative anesthetic application, the whole treatment process is very comfortable.


3, no scars. Pulsed dye laser can intelligently identify damaged skin tissue and has no effect on normal skin tissue. The whole process of removing red blood cells is non-invasive physical therapy, there will be no wound on the skin, and as long as the care is proper, Hardly leave scars.


4, convenient and fast. It takes about twenty minutes to do the laser to the red blood, and the time for a lunch break and the time to read a newspaper can make you beautiful, and you won't miss your work and life.


5, the effect is immediate. After the treatment of the pulsed dye laser, the large blood vessels will become smaller and shallower, and the small blood vessels will disappear directly. The effect of removing red blood cells is very significant.

 vascular removal machine detail

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