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Portable 3D HIFU beauty machine Features and advantages

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Portable 3D HIFU beauty machine Features and advantages

We devote ourselves to HIFU core  technology over 10 years , we have researched The most Advanced 3D HIFU for face lifting and body slimming to support  and extend your business in 2018.

3d hifu beauty machine

The 3D hifu use the newest HIFU technology  to give beauticians us and patients better  usage experience: one shot=11 lines ,25mm length ( adjustable), and give clients better immediate results. 

hifu machine 11 line


1.Anti-aging: facelift, tighten skin, remove crow's feet and fine lines, Eliminate wrinkles etcs.

2.Neck treatment: removal neck wrinkles, Neck anti-aging.

3.Body shaping: body slim and tighten the skin, easily achieve the S shape body firming

hifu machine treatment


-Friendly intelligent touch operating, can save 5 modes treatment data 

-More treatment area: face, neck, arm, breast, back, abdomen, thigh, hip, legs.

1.One shot total 11 lines and 25mm length ( adjustable)

2.The HIFU cartridge life: 15,000 shots ( more 5000 shots than others)

3.Different working heads for different treatment areas

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