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Oxygen facial machine G882A, skin care machine master

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What benefits does the oxygen facial machine give?

Brighten, lift, calm, and infuse essential nutrients

for healthier skin no matter what skin type, color, or condition

with Oxygen Infusion Facials!

Oxygen Infusion Benefits the following: 

Acne, oily, and combination skins

Temporary and chronic sensitivities

Hyperpigmentation, melasma, chloasma, and solar lentigines

Aging, fine lines + wrinkles

Increases circulation to the tissue thus stimulating skin renewal and providing essential nutrients for skin health

Skin for Life’s Nue Skin Oxygen Infusion System and O2 skin care concentrates for sensitive skin, troubled or oily skin, sun-damaged or pigmented skins, or mature skin… performance driven results for all skin types, colors and conditions to meet all your clientele’s needs.

Oxygen Infusion Therapy: 

Five concentrates to deliver not only oxygen for cells to use, but nutritional supplements to help maximize the treatment benefits.

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