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March Beauty Equipment Purchase Promotion
March purchasing festival, machine promotion. Activity time 3 / 3-3 / 31 We are a professional beauty equipment sales team. For the March purchasing festival, we have launched the largest discounts, including $ 100, $ 300, $ 400, etc. The machines include HIFU machines, laser hair removal machines, shock wave treatment machines etc Whatsapp: +8617303297281 Welcome everyone to come to consult
Facing the virus, we work together!
Facing the virus, we work together!Buying a machine now can provide medical professional masks.Good luck to us!
Christmas Day Promotion
Christmas, give joyWishing you a beautiful holiday season.We've had a rather uneventful year!A present from me is on the way. Hope you'll like it.
October 23rd Russia Exhibition
October 23rd Russia Exhibition.On October 23, 2019, a large Russian exhibition, Beautitown was invited to participate. At the show, we found laser hair removal machines, HIFU machines, and Cryolipolyse machines are the most popular.Through this exhibition, the company has met new partners and accumulated more market experience, and will continue to expand the market and serve more customers.
we will do our best effort to meet the customer's requirement