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March Beauty Equipment Purchase Promotion
March purchasing festival, machine promotion. Activity time 3 / 3-3 / 31 We are a professional beauty equipment sales team. For the March purchasing festival, we have launched the largest discounts, including $ 100, $ 300, $ 400, etc. The machines include HIFU machines, laser hair removal machines, shock wave treatment machines etc Whatsapp: +8617303297281 Welcome everyone to come to consult
Facing the virus, we work together!
Facing the virus, we work together!Buying a machine now can provide medical professional masks.Good luck to us!
Italian exhibition is about to start
Beautitown is invited to participate in the Italian Exhibition 2020.As one of the most professional beauty equipment suppliers in China, Beautitown has been established for more than ten years. It has the most professional technical team and comprehensive after-sales service. With trading countries a
Cold vacuum low temperature lipolysis fat freezer promotion
New cooling technology, not only achieves 360°cooling effect, but also maintains the same temperature at each position of the handle, avoiding temperature differences damage to the user.2.Temperature control, the treatment temperature can be controlled, and different temperature ranges can be custom
2020 fat reduction machine vacuum cavitation system machine
2020 fat reduction machine vacuum cavitation system machine.Vacuum and fat rotation with PDT red and blue light: Decrease cellulite accumulation. It helps smooth lymph and discharges the fatty acid and toxin that is decomposed through lymph system. Vacuum hads immediate effect in body shaping.
Christmas Day Promotion
Christmas, give joyWishing you a beautiful holiday season.We've had a rather uneventful year!A present from me is on the way. Hope you'll like it.
New Arrivals for 2020 Body Analyzer with CE Approve
GS7.0 New Design Body Analyzer Machine Detects 26 Physical Indicators, 1. Weight, 2. Percentage of fat tissue, 3. Muscle mass weight, 4. Percentage of water, 5. Bone weight, 6. BMI – (body mass index), 7. BMR - basal metabolism. 8. Weight control9. Total 26 values of test
Best tattoo removal machine 2019
Best tattoo removal machine 2019. Special Features of laser tattoo removal machine: 1. Remove tattoo of all colors including black, red, blue, coffee, brown and more 2. Remove tattoo on eyebrow, eye line and lip line 3. Remove pigmented such as freckle, age spot, Nevus of Ota, blue naevus, black nevus, coffee spot, rosacea. 4. Back doll can make skin whitening, skin rejuvenation, shrink pore, face deep cleaning and more

Function: skin tightening, weight loss Certification: CE
Body fat analyzer machine shows you what your weight is really made up of.
Anti-Aging Portable home use Hifu Beauty Machine Certification: CE Warranty: 3 year
Keyword: portable cryolipolysis Function: weight loss, fat reduction Work handle: 100, 150, 200 are available Certificate: CE
Oxygen Purity: 96.4% Applications: Skin whitening, skin rejuvenaiton, wrinkle removal Service: OEM, LOGO
Laser Type: Vascular spider removal Feature: Blood Vessels Removal Product name: 980nm Blood Vessels Removal
Port: Guangzhou Certification: CE MOQ: 1 set
Port: Guangzhou Certification: CE Service: OEM, ODM, LOGO MOQ: 1 set Type: 3d HIFU Treatment cartridge: standard(3.0mm, 4.5mm, 8.0mm), selective buy(6.0mm, 10mm, 13mm, 16mm) HIFU shots: 15000 shots Screen: 180° Rotating for using
we will do our best effort to meet the customer's requirement