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Laser hair removal machine why it is popular

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Laser hair removal machine why it is popular

Function:Hair removal 

laser hair removal machine


    1. Safety. 

    2. Quick. 

    3. Efficiency. 

    4. No pain. 

    5. Permanent hair removal. 

    6. Easy operation.

    7.Certification: CE 

    8.Theory: Permanent laser hair removal

    9.Feature: Fast, painless,Hair Removal

    10.Power: 600w, 900w, 1200w 

    11.Laser wavelength: 755nm, 808nm, 1064nm

Treatment Principle:

Laser hair removal machine is performed using gold standard 755nm,  808nm and 1064nm diode laser technology, with energy penetrates deep into the dermis with high average power and a rapid 5 pulse-per-second repetition rate to heat the hair shaft and hair follicle, rather than destroy the oxyge organization around hair follicle.

laser hair removal machine

1. How does laser hair removal work?

Our laser hair removal system uses a combination of energy and heat to destroy follicles without harming the skin around them. After a series of sessions, you’ll experience permanent hair reduction. Depending hich area(s) you decide to treat, you’ll always be ready to slip into a swimsuit, won’t have to think about razor burn or irritation, and will stop worrying about unsightly ingrown hairs.

2. How long does laser hair removal take?

You have millions of hair follicles in your body, all of which cycle through different phases. Laser hair removal can only treat a certain percentage of those follicles at a time (those that are in the active phase), so itmust be done at varied intervals. Because no two bodies are the same, your treatment plan will be tailored specifically to you, but we typically recommend at least six laser hair removal sessions that take place four to ten weeks apart.

3. How should I prepare for laser hair removal?

With laser hair removal, nobody will know you’re undergoing treatment (unless, of course, you want them to). Laser hair removal sessions can be as short as fifteen minutes, and we just ask that you stay out of the sun, shave the area to be treated; and avoid using lotions, creams or products, for optimum results.

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