Do you know what isDiode Laser Hair Removal Machine ?
laser hair removal machine Advantage
Best laser hair removal machine on the market, laser hair removal machine for sale.

The advanced laser hair removal technology is revolution for hair removal by cooling and painless treatment procedure. Because of the TEC cooling system in the work head will cooling the treatment area, which will 
make people feel confortable and get better treatment effect. 
Also, we guarentee you 6,000,000 shots long lifetime.
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Tell You how To Maintain The Machine

1. If we do not use the machine during the treatment, please click the "STANDBY" button to let the machine stop working. Meanwhile, we need to let the cooling stop working
2. Turn off the machine when do not use the machine over one hour.
3. Changing the water every 15 days, it is better to use pure water.
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Technical Features
Laser wavelength: 755nm / 808nm / 1064nm
Customized wavelength: Single, Dual, Triple choicable
Chips: Germany imported 
Laser Power: 600w, 900w, 1200w choicable
Spot size(cm): 15*15, 20*25, 25*31 choicable
Treatment cooling system: TEC+sapphire
Working frequency: 1~10hz
Energy density: 1-120j/cm2
Three wavelength permanent laser hair removal machine
Beautitown offer single, dual, and triple wavelength customized choice service
Three Types Choicable
1. Single wavelength: 755nm or 808nm or 1064nm
2. Dual wavelength: 755nm+808nm or 808nm+1064nm
3. Triple wavelength: 755nm+808m+1064nm
Three Wavelength Advantage
755nm Optimal For Light Hair And Light Skin
808nm Works On All Skin Types /Excellent On
Dark Hair And Dark Skin
 Diode laser super hair removal machine:
Armpit hair removal
Arm hair removal
Facial hair removal
Chin & lip hair removalBeard removal
Leg hair removal
Cnest hair removal
Bikini hair removal
Best laser hair removal machine
Professional laser hair removal machine will have a good effect on facial, underarm, chest, back, bikini and legs.
Video, operation screen, CE certificcate and maintaince guidance
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Only one permanent hair removal device!!
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A trustworthy company. We make order more then 6 times. I am happy with each order. thanks for nancy, good service, and thanks for this company with high quality machine. Especially the laser machine lovely. Treatment very effective.
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  1. What are the most popular areas for laser hair removal?

    The most popular areas are female facial hair, bikini line hair and back hair for men.
  2. How long has Ideal Image been in existence?

    The very first Tampa location opened in September 2001. Ideal Image now has laser hair removal center locations all over the United States, and we've performed over 6 million treatments.
  3. How long has laser technology been in use?

    The laser was first used in medicine in 1961, nearly 50 years ago! Laser hair removal began about 15 years ago, but has advanced significantly in the past 8 - 10 years.
  4. What type of results can you expect when using a laser hair removal machine?

    A recent study of Beautitown. The 10 people in the study had 4 to 6 treatments. The results, 4 weeks after the last treatment, demonstrated an average of 36% hair reduction. However, 12 weeks later the hair had mostly returned, and the amount lost was not considered statistically significant. In fact, 4 of the 10 had a higher hair count after 12 weeks than when they started!
  5. How is laser hair removal different from electrolysis hair removal?

    Laser hair removal is much faster. Electrolysis hair removal requires more time because it's a process that treats only one hair at a time, whereas laser hair removal treats many hairs per every laser pulse. Laser hair removal for an area like the underarms for example can be treated in only 20 minutes.
  6. Is the laser the best choice for my skin and hair?

    The laser is considered by many in the field of laser hair removal to be the gold standard laser. This is true if you have a lighter skin type. The laser uses a longer wavelength for penetration to the hair follicle and energy that is particularly attracted to melanin - the target for hair removal.
  7. What are the risks of hair removal?

    Laser hair removal is a lunch time procedure. There is no recovery time. Patients can return to work or play immediately. These lasers do not remove skin, so the risks are very low. As with any procedure, we have an informed consent that explains all the possible risks.
  8. How old do you have to be for laser hair removal?

    There really is no age limit, but we never treat toddlers. Young people that are not finished growing will develop new hair as they grow, and will require touch ups to maintain the results. We currently do not treat children under the age of 13. Older people usually have gray hair that will not respond to laser.
  9. Is it painful?

    People have compared it to a rubber band snapping against the skin. Compared to waxing the treatment has very little discomfort. Everyone's pain tolerance is different. If you do find it uncomfortable, we can prescribe a numbing cream for the skin.
  10. I have dark skin but I am tired of shaving and dealing with shave bumps and ingrown hairs. Would laser hair removal work for me? Is it safe for me skin?

    Yes. Laser hair removal machine owns three different wavelength,  755 for lighter skin, and 808nm and 1064nm for darker skin. No matter how dark the skin, it is considered the gold standard for treating unwanted hair on darker skin types. Its longer wavelength safely bypasses the skin and targets the melanin in the hair shaft, destroying the unwanted hair follicle. You will love your results!