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Best laser hair removal machine

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Best laser hair removal machine

Dear client, 

Do you need any professional hair removal machine? Here I'd like to recommend you the 2018 newest laser hair removal machine BM104.

It has 3 wavelengths:

755nm: Shallow hair (lip hair)

808nm: Most hair depth

1064nm: Deep Hair


* Ours is no channel: Chip, good heat dissipation, long life, 6,000,000 flashes, relatively low cost, low water quality (tap water)

* The luminescent medium is a chip, imported from Germany, the purity of the light is higher, the penetrating power is stronger, the hair removal effect is better, and the treatment cycle is shorter.

* Ours is 3 Spot Size: 15*15, 20*25, 25*31 for your choice.

If you're interested in it, please feel free to contact us. Thanks!

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