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Will OPT hair removal hurts skin

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You must always hear about OPT SHR right ? It has been marked as a big selling point for the beauty equipment supplier from China. But do you know what is exactly OPT ? What is the difference with normal IPL ?

OPT technology adopt the absorption selectively of light, the light will only worked for the specific skin color, it won’t hurt the normal skin, at the same time it will imrpove the skin, no pigmentation. During the hair removal treatment, the absorbed light heats the hair ,which damages or destroys the growing potential of follicle, finally achieve the result of hair removal.
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The biggest advantage of OPT is it can penetrate deeper of the skin and won’t affect the other normal skins. OPT will choose different light source with different skin types, in one hand it can eliminate the pigmentation and small red blood streaks of the skin, in another hand it will penetrate deeper to dermis, promote proliferation of collagen and improve the rearrangement of elastic fibers, finally achieve the result of wrinkle removal.

OPT is a big advanced leap in IPL technology, it extended the application IPL technology widely. Compared with traditional IPL skin rejuvenation, The OPT IPL have a more effective and safety result in skin treatment .
1.OPT is an average square wave, it can have a effective control of the treatment: eliminate the energy peak of the beginning treatment energy, raise the safety.
2.OPT can avoid the pulse energy attenuation, make sure the energy can reach the treatment area, improve the clinical effectiveness.
3.Every pulse and Sub-pulse is a unique square wave, will have a excellent reproducibility and Repeatability for treatment.

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