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What is the difference between home laser hair removal and hair removal equipment in beauty salons?

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In fact, in terms of hair removal effect, doing it yourself at home is similar to going to a beauty salon. The advantage of a beauty salon is that the machine has more energy and the hair removal efficiency is higher.

DPL laser hair removal machine -1laser hair removal (1)

The one in the beauty salon is a real laser, which I call a large laser hair removal device. This kind of laser needs to be operated by professionals, and unlearned people cannot use it casually, otherwise it will cause others to burn their skin.

This kind of machine needs to apply cold gel before operation, which is good for the machine to stick to the skin, make the energy more concentrated, and can also block part of the heat to prevent the skin from overheating. This kind of machine has relatively strong energy and will have a certain effect temperature. There are doctors and nurses in the beauty parlor to help you remove hair, the technology is more professional and the effect is more obvious.

The home laser hair removal device is much simpler. The home use is not a real laser, but a kind of intense pulsed light. This kind of light energy is much weaker, but it can also make fine hair disappear, but because the energy is weak, it needs to be used for a longer time, and it can last for a year or so.

The home laser hair removal device takes a little longer to use, but it is very popular because it is easy to operate and can be completed just by watching the show.

Of course, if you are considering updating a device for your clinic or spa, or you are doing resale work, laser hair removal is still widely used by a wide range of people, and it is a type of product with a faster return on investment.

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