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What are the 3 types of lasers for hair removal?

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What are the 3 types of lasers for hair removal?

There are many ways to remove hair. Women often choose hair removal in summer because their hair is too thick, because too thick hair has a great impact on women's image. The main positions of hair removal are legs, armpits and lips. It is achieved through hair removal. Nice and clean effect. Too much hair is generally caused by endocrine diseases, excessive androgen or genetic factors. Nowadays, in addition to the most traditional methods of hair removal cream, laser hair removal methods have also appeared.

1. ice point painless hair removal

Freezing point painless hair removal is the most advanced laser hair removal method at present. The machine used for this kind of hair removal is a freezing point semiconductor laser hair removal device. The principle of hair removal is the principle of selective photothermal action. When the laser penetrates through the skin surface, the hair follicle temperature is maintained at A certain level, so that the activity of the hair follicle and its surrounding stem cells is gradually lost, so that the hair no longer grows, and finally achieves the purpose of hair removal.

2. IPL hair removal

The method of color light hair removal is to use the fact that the hair follicles preferentially absorb the color light to achieve hair removal. For people with darker skin, because the energy of color light will also be absorbed to a certain extent, it may cause certain damage to the skin. Therefore, IPL hair removal is more suitable for people with fair skin but dark hair.

3. Photon laser hair removal

The principle of the photon hair removal method is the selective photothermolysis principle of the patented strong pulse Guangyuan. This hair removal therapy is gentle and not invasive. There will be a large number of melanocytes in the hair follicles. Absorption, so that the temperature of the hair follicles will rise, which will damage the hair follicles to a certain extent, and will not damage the tissues around the hair follicles, and finally achieve the purpose of hair removal.

Repeated use of hair removal cream to remove hair will make people feel upset and troublesome. It needs to be removed every once in a while, and it will be uncomfortable when the hair starts to grow a few days after hair removal. Laser hair removal can better solve this problem. The above are the three most common types of laser hair removal introduced for you. I hope it will be helpful to you. You can choose the specific hair removal method according to your actual situation.

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