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What advantages of Q-switched laser tattoo machine

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Many people now have tattoos and hobbies, some of which are meant to show their individuality. Some of them are of some significance. For a long time, some people may choose to renew their tattoos or have to wash their tattoos for various reasons. Q switched nd yag laser beauty machine, is a very popular tattoo machine currently, here let’s learn together

What is Q-switched laser tattoo machine?

Q-switched laser is an advanced high-tech laser beauty technology, the laser will be used to break down equipment, through powerful laser energy, light burst pigment cells, make it break down into fine particles, part of the body to absorb, part of the metabolic system In vitro, until the pigmentation gradually disappear, leaving the skin smooth as ever.

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What advantages of Q-switched laser tattoo machine?

Q-switched laser tattoo machine energy intensity, depth of treatment, can treat a variety of shades of tattoos, tattoos, lines lip lines, etc., especially for large areas of tattoos, the effect is more advantageous than other beauty equipment. In addition to adjust the Q laser tattoo removal machine can also treat endogenous pigmentation problems, such as a variety of stains, sunburn, age spots, melasma, coffee spots, Ota, birthmarks, technology is very advanced. Only for pigmentation, does not affect the normal skin.

How many treatment sessions may need from Q-switched laser tattoo machine?

For some small areas and shallow tattoos and pigmentation problems, Q-switched laser tattooing machines can be solved by 1-3 treatments, which require 3-6 treatments for some deep and large areas of tattoos and pigmentation . According to the pigment situation, depth and personal constitution, there are some differences.

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