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Ultrasound fat reduction machine for sale USV3

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Ultrasound fat reduction machine price

Ultrasound fat reduction machine for sale

It is a scientific phenomenon that Ultrasound Cavitation in the fat cells.To break the cell down, sound is vibration. The ultrasound handpiece emits a specific frequency of vibration (High Intensity Focussed Ultrasound) into the fat layer, which causes huge pressure to build up inside the fat cells.  It is very slowly of our cells designed to expand and contract,s we put on weight or lose weight, so they cannot withstand the intense pressure and break apart, then releasing the contents.  At this situation, each of the fat cells are destroyed. Then the cells cannot contain fat any more, Because that our fat cell count remains relatively stable, and our fat cells do not multiply, so, this means that the treatment is permanent, and you don’t have to treat one more time. 

ultrasound fat reduction cost

Any weight gain or loss in the future will be observed with respect to the new contoured body shape that has been achieved with treatments. Each time of treatment could make lower fat loss, beacuse that fat cell membrane waste can put additional strain on the kidney, liver and lymphatic system.

Treatments are normally limited to 10 minutes,with a maximum of 4 segments treated per session. A 5-7 day gap is generally enforced to ensure adequate elimination of released fats, membrane, and toxins that may have been contained inside the fat cells.

ultrasound fat reduction treatment

No pain and non-invasive

Ultrasound cavitation breaks down cellulite by causing fat cells to dissolve or come apart. Then your body simply removes the fat as a waste product. There’s no cutting, no needles, no medications, no long recovery, and no pain.

Cavitation machines use high frequency sound waves to penetrate into skin down into fat cells. These sound waves, or ultrasound, causes lipolysis. Lipolysis releases triglycerides, or fat cells. Then your body continues the process by separating triglycerides into fatty acids and glycerol.

If you have a healthy liver, the liver will take care of the fatty acids and glycerol. Within a couple of days, these waste products pass out of your body.

After three to four treatments with one of the best cavitation machines, you might see up to three inches of fat disappear.

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Focused ultrasound


• Ultrasound operation frequency: 200 ± 30 KHz

• Input voltage: Set by technician during installation: 110-120 V or 200-240 V, 50/60 Hz


200 x 98 x 65 cm (H x L x W)


• System Console: Less than 130 kg • Ultrasound Transducer: Less than 2.5 kg

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Q: Where to get ultrasound cavitation treatments?

A: Be aware this isn’t a cheap procedure. You might save quite a bit of money if you can do your own treatments at home.

While there aren’t many home-use cavitation machines for sale right now, you can find a few. We’ve made an effort here to round up the best ultrasound cavitation machines so you can find the one the fits your needs.


Q: How many treatments will I need?

A: We recommend three treatments spaced two weeks apart. Spacing treatments gives your body time to clear the fat cells from your system.

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