Salon and clinic body slim cavitation laser machine LS657

Type: 650nm lipolaser
Applications: Body slimming, skin lifting, anti aging
Service: OEM, LOGO

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1. Intensive physicallipolysis to remove fat
2. Excess fat cell melted
3. Body slimming,cellulite reduction
4. Smooth fatigue
5. Remove obstruction from channels and collaterals
6.Promote and accelerate the body’s metabolism

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Ultrasonic Cavitation Lipo Laser Treatment Principle:

It is easy to produce a liquid implosion effect, Namely, wave expansion and compression form a large number of micro-gap in the liquid, which is full of gas and steam, the strong sound waves have positive effects on the liquid molecules at compression cycle. There is cohesion among liquid and biological tissues, molecular bonding is Weak in low density fat cells, and the low vacuum caused by strong sound waves can generate Organize gaps, in physics known as the " cavitations " And the implosion caused by micro gaps inside and outside cells will promote molecular motion, makes a high energy level, which finally led to break of fat cells .

Multipolar rf skin beauty equipment:
Two RF heads, one is bipolar rf head for eyes, eliminate black circles, promote the ocular region blood circulation effectively, increase the product absorbing Tripolar rf head is for face, face line lifting, wrinkle removal, promote the ocular region blood circulation and body treamtment.

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