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Portable vacuum liposuction radio frequency skin tightening machine RV-3S

Type: Cryolipolysis lipo laser cavitation
Applications: Body slimming, skin lifting, wrinkle removal
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radio frequency skin tightening machine.jpgBeautitown RV-3S radio frequency skin tightening machine machine system applies the guidance of light to make the skin quickly into the treating areas, uses the suitable RF frequency work on skin layer, pernetrate the barrier of the  epidermal basal melanocytes, heat the dermal colleagen fibers to 55℃ to 65℃ and stimulate collagen reorganization and contraction of collagen fibers to stretch the loose skin, so as to acheive the purpose of beauty include tigthen loose skin, remove wrinkles ad dissolve the subcutaneous fat. Alos it can improve the local loose skin of the ey, chin, neck, arms, etc. and great changed stretch marks, orange peel-like skin if the buttocks and tights as well as for beauty body sculptor.radio frequency skin tightening machine treatment.jpgradio frequency skin tightening machine body lifting .jpgradio frequency skin tightening machine handles.jpg

- Large RF Vacuum Photon head:

- 88mm diameter,suitable for abdomen,back,thighs,etc.


- Medium RF Vacuum Photon head:

- 58mm diameter,suitable for shanks,arms,etc.


- Small RF Vacuum Photon head:

- 28mm diameter,suitable for eyes,face,etc.


- Blue photon: Whitening, eliminating puffiness, acne treatment

- Red photon: skin rejuvenation,promote metabolism

radio frequency skin tightening machine details.jpg

RF Multi-polar RF,0.8MHz
Vacuum pressure 10KPa(min)-80KPa(max)
LCD touch screen size 8-inch
Handle diameter Small(28mm) Medium(58mm) Large(88mm)
Photon Red & Blue
Photon wavelength 620-660nm
Power 90VA(max)
Voltage 220V/110V

radio frequency skin tightening machine real photos.jpg

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