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permanent makeup pen machine

Artmex V6 permanent makeup machine suitable for micropigmentation and medical applications such as scar camou age, skin re-pigmentation and other skin rejuvenation procedures. There are four pre-programmed settings for eyebrows, eyes, lips or dermapigmentation. The intelligent system automatically sets the needle pressure and needle frequency. During pigmentation, the iQ handpiece constantly measures the skin resistance and automatically adjusts the needle frequency and needle pressure for optimal and even pigmentation. The right balance ensures the best results and precise pigmentation.permanent makeup pen machine feature

- Maximum power, accurate stable needle frequency and adjustable working speeds of 50 to 180  per second, ensure faster procedure times.

- Eradication of problematic needle less vibration achieves a precise pigment implantation and maximum pigment retention with minimal to no trauma to the skin.

- Designed to form a cross-contamination protection system the hand piece and needle cartridge system combine to guarantee the highest levels of hygienic safety.

- Compact and lightweight it’s easy to transport making it suitable for professionals who offer mobile services to other clinics

- An ergonomic design allows for fast efficient cleaning.

- CE approved concerning health and safety.

permanent makeup pen machine treatment site

permanent makeup pen machine treatment

- The Intelligent comes standard with the safety hand piece. 

- The hand piece is equipped with a patented safety needle cartridge. 

- The quality and stability of the hand piece will be instantly noticeable. 

- Easily set the needle depth by simply turning the ring on the hand piece. 

- The needle length can be set in fractions of millimeters, depending on the skin type and selected treatment technique. 

- The hand piece is extremely light for comfortable.

permanent makeup pen machine before and after

permanent makeup pen machine detail

permanent makeup pen machine detail pmupermanent makeup pen machine detail mts

The newly designed Artmex V6 permanent makeup machine is the extremely popular permanent makeup machine. It is modern, hygienic and efficient.  Is made from stainless steel with a lightweight, innovative design for easy and comfortable handling during cosmetic procedures.permanent makeup pen machine displaypermanent makeup machine packing listpermanent makeup pen machine display