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People who need the OPT laser hair removal

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OPT (Optimal Pulse Technology) core technology,using the 3D technology concept: Energy + pulse width + pulse waveform. Its core is that can control each pulse precisely to let the energy of pulse apply to our skin without any reduction, eliminating the disadvantage of E-light and IPL first pulse’s high-energy peak value and the reduction of each sub-pulse energy. 

OPT hair removal, the choice of the laser wavelength is relatively broad, the effect of good for the black hair, but for other colors of hair, such as yellow hair, hair fluffy and so weak. 


OPT instrument inexpensive, full-featured, high market share, is the entry-level hair removal instrument. Although the effect was finished off well, but a longer course of treatment, at least take 5-6 times to basically eliminate hair regeneration.

After OPT hair removal, freckle, redness, rejuvenation should pay attention to avoid excessive sunlight, while requiring a lot of replenishment, or may leave pigmentation, affecting the appearance.

OPT hair removal machine advantages: The pulse energy keep stable, not fade away. The smoothness and uniformity of the whole pulse energy’s output makes the efficiency of one time OPT treatment equal to 3-5 times traditional technology treatments. Because the price is relatively cheaper, so it can attract a lot of female customers.

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