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New recommend muscle building equipment - trushape machine

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Many customers of beauty centers in Europe and the United States have the need for muscle building and shaping. In order to achieve this goal more conveniently and quickly, we have launched a new truSculpt Flex+id technology for non-surgical muscle building and shaping - trushape. Technology can provide better results in less time.

Trushape is an electric muscle stimulator for improving abdominal tone, strengthening abdominal muscles and creating a firmer abdomen.

RF5.0 (2)

operating mode

Using 2MHZ monopolar radio frequency, the energy is evenly delivered to the fat layer to maintain a comfortable body surface temperature. Allows you to treat multiple areas of the body simultaneously for optimal results and patient satisfaction.

Real-Time Temperature Control: Continuously monitors skin temperature and automatically adjusts energy delivery to comfortably heat and maintain skin temperature at 45°C, while superficial temperature remains 5-6°C lower than deep fat temperature.

Fat heating selectivity: optimized energy delivery and heating enhances selective apoptosis within subcutaneous adipose tissue.

On average, 24-27% of fat cells are irreversibly damaged.

Over a 12-week period, damaged fat cells are slowly broken down and eliminated from the treated subcutaneous fat tissue.

About 24 percent of fat cells were irreversibly damaged 12 weeks after treatment, causing them to be eliminated by the body.

The system has an intuitive interface and a range of handles to customize the treatment, whether for multiple hands-free areas or a single handle area for treatment, to meet different needs, safe and comfortable treatment process and visible results.

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