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How to measure body fat percentage?

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There are many different methods for measuring body fat, but some are more accurate than others. Hydrostatic weighing and other high-tech machines are expensive and almost impossible for a layperson to access. There are also hand-held devices and scales which measure body fat, but these are often inaccurate. For our purposes, the easiest and most accurate choice is the caliper method.

Using Body Fat Calipers.

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The caliper method—which you can learn to do yourself—measures skin folds and puts those measurements into a formula. The formula will then spit out an estimated body fat percentage. Those formulas can also determine your fat weight and lean mass weight.

Depending on the type of formula you use, you'll grab skin folds on various areas of your body. It can be terribly difficult to pinch yourself and read the caliper at the same time. That's why I recommend getting a qualified professional to do your body fat measurement.This formula can be utilized in three-site, four-site, and seven-site tests. For people who carry more body fat than most of the population。

Each of these formulas is built upon fairly complex mathematical equations which take the sum of the caliper measurements and apply them to a constant. Unless you're really into math, how the formulas work doesn't really matter. What's important to remember is consistency. Choose a test, choose a formula, and stick with it!

The lesson: Don't focus too hard on the number; focus on the changes in the number. Once you can get a consistent reading, you have all the info you need to gauge your progress as you work to transform your body.

Your goal when you test your body fat isn't to get accurate measurements, it's to get consistent measurements. Take that to heart and you'll do fine.

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