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How to get rid of unwanted hair

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IF you want you get rid of the anwanted hair, here are some tip the factors impact the treat effect. First, 

Each person's body is different, and the density of hair, growth ability is different, the effect of hair removal is not the same.

laser hair removal equipment

Second, the skin and hair color differences lead to different effects of laser hair removal. Different skin color and hair color, the treatment will have a certain difference, due to the selective laser treatment is particularly strong, it is based on the situation in the skin pigment to decide, third, different laser hair removal equipment is also different some laser light intensity of the larger equipment, the treatment will be Instruments that are less powerful than those with light sources are better. Fourth, the doctor's experience determines the effect of laser hair removal.

No matter what kind of skin care technology, experienced operating physicians are generally better than inexperienced operating physicians. This is because experienced ophthalmologists have a high degree of accuracy in determining the dehairing strength of the laser.

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