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Cryolipolysis machine is a important machine for a beauty salon

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Most of beauty salon supply body slimming service to their customers, and cryolipolysis therapy is a import way to help people loss weight. And it's more and more popular now.

Cryolipolysis machine is also our best selling machine too, especially the model ETG15-4.

body slimming

The ETG15-4 is the 4th generation cryolipolysis machine in the market, it's very popular with customers. 

1. It has 4 different sizes of handles, size 100,150,200,300. Suitable for different part of body.

2. Except the 300 size cryo handle, any two cryo handle can work at the same time, save more of your treatment time.

3. Equipped with two separate powerful air pumps to guarantee enough vaccum pressure.

4. It also has color lights technology, Red light can increase the blood circulation, Green light can reduce the skin swelling in the freezing treatment.

5. Strong semiconductor cooling system, the freeze temperature can reach -9 degree.

If you have the interest, please contact us soon, we will provide you more information and the best price.

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