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Can laser therapy completely remove the tattoo

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Today, people usually use a non-invasive device called q-switched laser to remove the tattoo, which creates short pulses of light and goes directly to the deeper layers of the skin.This treatment can cause the pigment to be broken down without damaging the surrounding skin tissue until the pigment in the tattoo is completely removed or subtracted.

laser remove the tattoo

Common problems

1.Does the treatment process hurt?

The laser emits light transmitted in nanosecond pulses.During laser therapy, the customer feels the pulse, and the body feels like a rubber band.But it's definitely better than tattoo tattoos.Before treatment, the doctor will apply topical ointments on the patient's treatment site to reduce the pain or discomfort that may arise during the actual treatment.In addition, after treatment, the doctor will immediately ice compress treatment site to achieve the purpose of soothing the skin.The doctor then wraps it in a sterile bandage to protect the site.

2.Do you leave scars?

Most tattoo removal procedures offer pleasant results without scarring.However, very few customers have their own immune system defects, because some drugs treat allergies or scars, leading to postoperative scarring.Therefore, before receiving treatment, please inform the doctor if you have any of these conditions so that the doctor can take appropriate measures during the treatment to minimize the risk.

3.Does it lead to hyperpigmentation?

The risk of pigmentation in this treatment is extremely low.In areas where pigmentation is likely to occur, the doctor will apply the cream to cope with the problem, which will gradually reduce and disappear.

4.How many treatments will it take to get the tattoo removed?

Doctors need different treatments according to different tattoos.This indicates that the number of treatments depends greatly on the following factors:

Complexion and skin condition.

Size of the tattoo

The color and density of the tattoo.

Tattoo depth

Tattoo position

The time of the tattoo.

The type of ink used in tattoos.

Personal physical condition.

In general, professional tattoos require 5 to 10 sessions, 6 to 12 weeks apart.It takes four to six sessions to complete an amateur tattoo.

5. Can laser therapy completely remove the tattoo?

Lasers have a great success rate in removing tattoos.But the problem is largely different from customers.In some cases, the effect of tattoo reduction can be achieved.

Some tattoo ink is easier to remove than others.The most easily removed ink colors are black and dark green, while red, yellow, purple and turquoise are the most difficult to eliminate.The white, fleshy and pink colors used in cosmetic tattoos can be enhanced by the laser, so please test before you remove them.In addition, older tattoos can fade, which is easier to remove than new ones.

It's also important to remember that tattoos can affect or alter the structure of the skin, which can be ignored because it hides the skin.After using the laser to remove the color of the tattoo, these skin changes are revealed and may leave a clear mark.

6. What follow-up care should be conducted after surgery?

Laser removal requires a simple postoperative care procedure.After surgery, the ointment can be applied to the treatment site and bandaged with disinfection bandage, so as to keep the treatment site dry for the first day after the operation and avoid the sun exposure.Avoid the vigorous exercise of the treatment site and the treatment site, and ensure that the treatment site is healed well.Blisters and peeling are part of normal skin healing process.The scab will eventually fall off about 14 days after surgery.

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