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Beauty equipment precautions

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1, beauty equipment is a high-precision electronic products, when in custody and place, can not be placed in damp, direct sunlight, there is flammable and explosive materials to prevent damage due to accidental. 2, beauty equipment to keep the surface clean, it is best not to use flannel or gauze to cover, to prevent dust. For beauty equipment accessories such as: probe, patch, shovel head, electrode package must be done once a person cleaning, cleaning with a dry cloth or wring the wet rag to wipe, avoid not to wash. 3, with the cosmetics must comply with the requirements of the beauty equipment manual to use, for example: the probe, patch, shovel head and absolutely can not be oily or corrosive cosmetics contact. 4, All wire accessories are strictly prohibited pulling and winding, so as not to break the power wire.

5, all the beauty equipment using automatic computer chips for operational control, so when in use, try not to use high frequency electrical peripherals in order to avoid interference with the normal operation of beauty and beauty equipment. (Such as electric volume, hair dryer, microwave beauty and beauty equipment, etc.). If there is interference, there are generally two phenomena (A. Normal use, suddenly crashes B. LCD display jumps), the general approach is to turn off the power to restart the beauty and beauty equipment.6, beauty equipment can not be beat, strong collision and so on.

7, the beauty of the host and accessories generally need regular cleaning and care, in particular, do not let the main water into the beauty and beauty equipment inside.

8, if not for a long time, it is best to use a moisture-proof and dust bag to beauty and beauty equipment as a whole to protect the best about 15 days of electricity for an hour, so as to avoid the internal electronic components moisture aging.

Winter equipment precautions

1, keep the indoor dry and ventilated, the temperature is not lower than 10 degrees Celsius.

2, water cooling function of the instrument when not in use for a long time, need to let go of the water. A water cycle of the transport of the device need to drain the water to avoid over-freezing the outside temperature, ice, optical components (such as photon hand-washing, eyebrow washing with hand tools, etc.)

3, after starting the machine warm-up 3-5 minutes, the instrument can only start working normally.

4, a need to wash with water (such as water-light hand tools), it must be hung in a dry and ventilated warm place.

5, the instrument must be cut off after work, unplug the power cord.

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