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Are you suitable for using RF to lose weight?

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The Radio Frequency fat reduction machine of the principle is to make the dermis warm, so that collagen growth, flat wrinkles. Our skin has the ability to grow and repair itself. After the skin is injured, its ability to grow and repair is several thousand times faster than usual. Collagen is also the same. When it reaches 45-60 degrees in a certain period of time, it will stimulate the secretion of new collagen . This is a very scientific basis, RF beauty equipment is the most effective wrinkle removal equipment.

RF has an immediate firming effect and long-term regeneration effect of two major functions.

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It uses collagen in the dermis at 60 to 70 degrees Celsius temperature, it will immediately shrink the characteristics of the skin can be relaxed after treatment, immediately feel pulled up, firm skin effect. Within two to six months after treatment, the stimulated collagen in the dermal layer gradually proliferates, thereby promoting the dermal layer to regain its firmness and elasticity, and the wrinkles become shallower and fade away from the deeper:

★ tighten the skin, shrink pores

★ deep wrinkle grooming facial contours, remove double chin, face-lift

★ activate collagen cells, increase skin elasticity and gloss whitening skin rejuvenation

★ dilute dark circles under the eyes bags

★ dilute neck lines.

Body: deep heat can be transmitted to the subcutaneous tissue, promote the decomposition and combustion of fat cells, so that the contents of alien cells into water and carbon dioxide, the body's normal metabolism through the body, thereby reducing the volume of fat cells to achieve the plastic body The effect of thin waist abdomen stovepipe hip slender arm desalination stretch marks calf repair three principles through the high frequency electromagnetic waves into the skin deep, when the temperature reaches 45 degrees Celsius to 60 degrees zero point, collagen will produce immediate contraction, at the same time Stimulate the dermis to secrete more new collagen to fill in the shrinkage and loss of collagen vacancies, increase the thickness of the dermis, collagen protein will gradually proliferate, reorganization, so that in the 2-6 months after treatment is not vertical or Loose skin is lifted, lifting the scaffold of the skin again to restore skin elasticity.

How long does it take for 3 RF radios to see the effect? According to different age and skin conditions, most of the first treatment will obviously feel the effect of skin firming is enhanced, and in 2-6 months to get the skin lifting and firming lasting effect At the same time the effect is divided into: A immediate effect, <40 minutes after treatment> Energy conduction to the deep tissue and heating, collagen can produce instant tightening, so the skin can be immediate firming effect B lasting effect, Months> Thermal penetration continuously stimulates the secretion of collagen in the collagen layer, which increases the thickness of the dermis and initiates the skin's own repair ability. The skin after treatment is more compact and has a lasting effect

4 RF RF effects can be maintained for how long? According to the different skin conditions and choose the appropriate number of courses in the treatment of 2-6 months after the skin will be significantly improved and tightened <Complete activation of collagen synthesis time takes 2 to 6 months> , After the end of treatment can maintain 3-5 years of treatment, because fully activated collagen takes 3-5 years to completely failure

The Radio Frequency fat reduction machine suitable for the crowd is mainly older, the young 20-year-old crowd operation has no beneficial effect? A: RF skin on the skin of 30 - 60-year-old loose sagging, the most obvious effect of wrinkled people. However, the number of dermal fibroblasts in human skin gradually decreased since the age of 20, and the total collagen content decreased by 1% per year. Therefore, for young people can be preventive treatment.

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