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Antifreeze membrane cryolipolysis fat reduction pad cost ETGI

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cryolipolysis Antifreeze membrane

Antifreeze membrane cryolipolysis fat reduction pad is the consumable for cryolipolysis machine. Before cryo lipo treatment, antifreeze membrane is needed to apply on the surface of the treatment area first, in order to protect normal skin of the treatment area.

cryolipolysis machine antifreeze membrane

antifreeze membrane cryolipolysis.jpg

Here is the reason for you to choose antifreeze membrane cryolipolysis fat reduction pad:

  • Good quality Anti freezing membranes

  • Unique recipe antifreeze 

  • Cryolipolysis antifreeze protect skin 

  • Antifreeze used below -40 degree temperature

  • One picece into one bag

  • MSDS proved

cryolipolysis machine antifreeze membrane size

antifreeze membrane cryolipolysis size.jpg

antifreeze membrane cryolipolysis.jpg

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