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808 diode lase machine hair removal machine

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diode lase machine

Summer and beauty, hair removal and 808 laser become a trend. lets feel free go the sea.what is  808  diode laser machine?

The 808 diode laser machine can be used for body hair removal and body hair permanent reduction. The system is expected to be used for all types of skin, including sunburned skin.

808 didoe laser hair removal machine

so, advantage?

808 hair removal process is based on selective photo thermolysis principle. This method is to destroy hair regeneration. It rises hair follicle temperature high enough to destroy hair generation cells, but it will not damage the epidermis and surrounding tissue. The hair follicle is composed of hair generation cells. Hair generation cells’ scraps are swallowed and excreted.

The unique cooling technology make laser shoot to hair roots, at the same time, the cooling protects the skin and surrounding tissue, improves patient’s comfort.

808 Diode laser with 810nm wavelength is suitable for removing excess hair. The effect is stable, long or permanent reduction.

can I use it for my beauty salon? and what attention  for 808 diode laser machine treatment?

yes, it can use in the beaity clinic and health center The working area and system location shall meet equipment’s requirement. To ensure good ventilation, always ensure that the system left the walls or air obstructions at least 0.5m.

here are 2 type of 808 diode laser machine very hot in the beauty market. check it and get it.

if you use for your clinic  and want to attract more clients, you  can  choose vergical  one,if you want makes more money, choose the portable one is the best choice.

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