The answer is HIEMT muscle machine therapy!
   Enhanced version emsculpt weight loss muscle building machine.
   HIEMT(High intensity high-intensity electromagnetic muscle trainer)is the newest medical technology that is used in aesthetic medicine.
   Newest air cooled hardware system, multiple working work handles can choose to work, four handle work simultaneously.
   Most importantly, our products are sold in stock, no need to wait for production time.
  The limit muscle contraction of HI-EMT technology can trigger lipolysis.  
  Fatty acids are broken down from triglycerides and accumulated in a large amount in fat cells. If the fatty acid concentration is too high, the fat cells will undergo apoptosis. 
  The body's normal metabolism is excreted from the body. Therefore, HIEMT machine can strengthen and increase muscles while achieving the effect of reducing fat.
   Hiemt technology enables the continuous expansion and contraction of own muscles, and extreme training allows the internal structure of the muscle to be deeply reshaped. 
   That is, the growth of myofibrils (muscle enlargement) and the production of new protein chains and muscle fibers (muscle hyperplasia). Thereby increasing muscle density and volume.
     This hiemt emsculpt machine having 4 (four) applicators with higher intensity for non-invasive body contouring, targeting 5 body parts——abdomen, arms, hips, hamstring, thighsso it not only achieves effect on burning fat, but also building muscle, which is a key to keep a toned and healthy physique.    
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The machine can purchase additional treatment cushions.
-pelvic floor training
-postpartum recovery
-reproductive privacy
Screen: 18-inch high-definition large screen
Power: 0.3-3KVA
Operation mode: manual mode + automatic mode
Voltage: 110V/220V
Cooling system: intelligent air cooling system
Warranty: 1 year
Power: 5000W
HIEMT Machine Features
1. Good result  —— 30 minutes treatment= 20000 workouts, increase 16% muscle and reduce 21% fat after about 2-4 courses;
2. Non-invasive, non anaesthesia,no surgery, painless and no side effects;
3. 7 Tesla High Intensity 5000W high frequency——cover big skeletal muscles, and remodel its inner structure;
4. 4 magnetic applicators, safe with no downtime——break down fat deposits and increase muscular tone and strength;
5. Builds muscle & burns fat together——non-invasive buttock lifting procedure, suitable for everyone;
6. Progressive step training——improve the feeling and effect of actual exercise.

emsculpt machine hiemt muscle building machine

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